Dana Flatow - Creativity and Expressive Arts Coach | NBC-HWC, A-CFHC

Dana Flatow

Creativity and Expressive Arts Coach | NBC-HWC, A-CFHC

⭐️ Dana's practice is full for the summer, and she will be taking new clients again starting September 2024.⭐️ Hey there! 👋 I'm Dana (she/hers), Creativity Coach, and artistically inclined human. I help busy people reclaim time for creativity, play and self-expression. Without your creative practice it can feel like a part of yourself is missing. With it, it’s that much easier to handle stress and be calm. It's common to feel that there’s no time for creative endeavors— there’s always something else that needs doing (like laundry). It’s hard to do something that’s just for you, and it’s all too easy to feel guilty or like you are wasting time when you step away from the hustle. Thinking about how to start is overwhelming. It was easier and more fun as a kid, when everything was set up for you. Taking classes leads to feeling behind and all those unused materials you have that are sitting around just make you feel heavy. Although you know you're a creative, you feel creatively stifled at work (and at home). Here are some areas that we might work on together: ✨ Transitioning from work to creative play 😰 Permission to separate from the chaos of the world 🖌 Taking on new creative projects 👯 Finding your creative community 💡 Getting going again after a long break 🎨 Structuring your space, time, materials, and resources As a lifelong maker, and person with a dynamic disability, I know just how much of a struggle getting back into a creative practice truly is. I studied art and design and worked in the design field before becoming a coach. My coaching process incorporates design thinking and an iterative approach to help you reclaim your time for the things that refuel you.

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Interrupt hustle culture by reclaiming time for creativity, play and self-expression. You'll receive personal, 1:1 coaching plus the structure, resources and tools to help you reclaim time for creativity, exploration and self-expression. Be supported in making small, realistic steps to disconnect from the grind cycle and tap into your creative practices. I provide you a safe space to begin to experiment with giving yourself small steps of permission as you work to overcome shame and guilt that’s so common when stepping away from hustle culture and into something that is just for you. THIS INCLUDES ✔︎ 6, 45-minute private Coaching Sessions, conducted over the phone or Zoom. We'll work together on your individual plan over a recommended 2 to 4-month time frame. ✔︎ Access to a growing library of optional self-coaching and expressive arts practices for common challenges. Most are 30-minutes or less to support you between sessions. ✔︎ Creative Mindset and Well-being Assessment to reflect on your current creativity status and serves as a mile-marker for our work together. ✔︎ Accountability for the goals you set for yourself. ✔︎ Support between sessions, including a private and encrypted coaching portal for shared chat, voice messaging, notes and resources. BE SUPPORTED TO 💭 Give less weight to the voice that’s ‘shoulding’ on you, and more weight to what’s true for you. 💪 Overcome the hurdles that keep you from starting. 🎨 Set up a creative practice that you can do, even when there’s chaos around you. 👯 Find your creative tribe. 🚰 Regularly tap into a flow practice.

"Because of our work together, I have more confidence and positivity. Now, I feel like I found a rhythm and I have the tools to maintain my health."

Lieba B.

This was the best gift I could have given myself. I recommend these coaching sessions to anyone who wants to improve their sense of well being and gain clarity of purpose and balance in their lives.

Jordan Q.

Things have changed dramatically since I started coaching with Dana. I have a solid plan that I’m executing to live the life I want.


It was so great and reassuring to have someone help me stay accountable and figure out a plan that actually worked for my life. It’s peace of mind knowing that someone has your back and that you can have these open conversations that are challenging to have with others.

Stephanie P.

Dana was able to help me dig down past small anxieties that were plaguing my everyday life and look at their roots. From there I was able to create achievable actions that made waves of change in my day-to-day and that served as a reminder of my intrinsic worth. I can’t thank her enough!

Collette K.

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