Yiorgos Boudouris - Career Coach

Yiorgos Boudouris

Career Coach

Are you feeling stuck in your job search? Are you getting interviews but not the job? Are you losing motivation and don’t know what to do differently? Well, I’m here to help! Whether you’re just getting started in your job search or you've been interviewing for a few months, I’m here to help get your job search moving in a positive direction. Why work with me? Here’s the thing - I fully understand how difficult applying for jobs and being interviewed is. It takes a lot of time and energy. Throughout my 15+ year career in recruitment, I’ve interviewed 1000s of people and hired 100s. This has helped me develop empathy and a storytelling-based approach to my work. I always communicate to job seekers the lens recruiters and hiring managers review your profile with. So if you’re looking to gain clarity and feedback on your overall interviewing approach, you can book time with me. Let's unlock your potential together!

"The session with Yiorgos was amazing. I felt he cared about my career and how to genuinely help me and tell the right story. His deep industry experience shone through as he helped me work through my resume and understand how to better express my experiences. Will definitely be booking more sessions in the future!"


"I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed my coaching session with Yiorgos! I found that he provided professional and constructive feedback that was easy to understand and apply immediately. One thing that I thoroughly enjoyed was that our session was very collaborative as Yiorgos helped me frame my thoughts and ideas in a way that showcased my best self throughout my resume. I would highly recommend working with him if you get the chance, especially as someone who is considering pivoting careers."


"I saw a post from Yiorgos on Linkedin and knew he was someone I needed to speak to. He went out of his way to help me with some resume questions and within a super tight turnaround time. He quickly identified how I could better present my story on paper. It is clear that he is incredibly knowledgeable and has integrity. If you are thinking about working with Yiorgos, don't hesitate for a second!"


"Yiorgos' feedback and insights about my resume, my plans and my journey were so valuable and comforting, I recommend everyone to book a session with him if you’d like some support about your career/job search journey as well."


"During the job search process, you’re sometimes left wondering if anyone is on the other side. Cue Adele: 'Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.' Well, Yiorgos is there. Yiorgos has a warm, person-centred approach. He delivers his advice and recommendations in a thoughtful and practical way. I left with several things that I could action right away. Energized by the session, I immediately texted my partner 'Wow, talk about value."


"Yiorgos brings something very unique - a deeply analytical and exceptionally warm and empathetic approach to his service. Having him in my corner made me feel confident and prepared to take on any new opportunity I wanted to take in my career. His counsel, mentorship, and friendship throughout the process were invaluable!"


"My coaching session with Yiorgos was invaluable. It was insightful to think about my resume from a recruiter's point of view. I came away from our session with a solid action plan to strengthen my resume and Linkedin profile. Yiorgos was accessible as I updated my documents, offering great feedback along the way. I'm much more confident that I'm positioning my skills in the best way possible after working with him."


"Yiorgos really helped me think about my resume in a new way. He spent a lot of time and attention to detail in reviewing my materials, making suggestions on how to improve, and providing insights I had not thought about before."


"Yiorgos didn’t just give me constructive feedback, he stepped into my shoes and thought about what exactly was the best way for me to portray myself, and how I can really enhance that image more. He was attentive to minute details that I talked about along the way, and always referred back to them as points I could’ve utilized better or made more clear. Would highly recommend Yiorgos’ services to anyone job seeking and feeling stuck and needs someone to give them honest supportive feedback."


"Yiorgos helped me identify areas I could improve on my resume and what I could do differently in interviews. His recommendations and insights were extremely helpful. The one-hour chat was worth a million, as it helped me analyze areas to improve in the all different stages of an interview process."


"Working with Yiorgos was an amazing experience. His well thought coaching program brought structure to the whole process. He helped me convey my story and highlight my experience in the most impactful way possible. I am thankful to Yiorgos for being a great coach and being there for me until the end!"


"I can’t think of a more valuable and impactful way to spend your time and money if you’re looking to expand your understanding of what folks in recruitment are looking for. Thank you very much Yiorgos for all of your advice and for doing this!"


"I was not sure what to expect during my session with Yiorgos but I was pleasantly surprised with his knowledge and coaching skills. I left the session fully aware of what I need to do next in my career transition, and most importantly inspired by his genuine positive approach to overcoming obstacles I had. I highly recommend this tiny investment in a good cause and in yourself!"


"Yiorgos is great at actively listening to your career challenges and goals. With his years of experience in recruitment, he was able to provide clarity on what I wanted from my next role, and how to update my resume so it showcased my strengths."


"My experience with Yiorgos has been phenomenal. Yiorgos gave me resume feedback, and we spent time going over the structure of interviews and what employers are looking for. I have not been on an interview in 5+ years. I was rusty and needed help. I highly recommend Yiorgos. His energy and effort will help you reach your goals."


"Having Yiorgos as another set of eyes and a recruiter’s expertise in tow to review my resume and cover letter was such a great learning opportunity for me. Yiorgos really took the time to go through both documents, line by line, and then meet with me to talk about improvements I could make. If you ever get the chance to talk to Yiorgos, you will come to learn that he is the nicest human being you will ever meet! Yiorgos really wants you to put your best self forward in your resume, and that really shows throughout the entire interaction and experience!"


"My conversation with Yiorgos was extremely helpful. He identified a couple of potential problems with how I was presenting myself to recruiters and shared some practical examples for how I might adjust my approach. I implemented Yiorgos’ feedback in an interview the following day and it made a positive impression on the recruiter. I’ve continued to implement his feedback since then, and it’s continued to serve me well."


"I loved the session with Yiorgos! Clear and actionable improvements are delivered in an engaging and humorous way. It was a sincere pleasure to collaborate on the call and take positive steps forward in better presenting the value I can offer."


"Yiorgos is a great coach. He is patient, insightful and very professional. I highly recommend Yiorgos to anyone who looks to improve their resume, cover letter, etc. During the session, Yiorgos shared much great advice and pointed to some of the weaknesses in my resume that I never realized myself. After editing my resume according to Yiorgos’ advice, I can tell the difference immediately."


"For many (like me), the recruitment process has always been a mystery. Yiorgos helped provide clarity and insight into the process and how to ensure that you, as a candidate, are focusing on what recruiters are looking for in candidates. Whether you are actively searching for a role or not, I highly recommend setting up a session with Yiorgos to get a better understanding of how you’re showing up to recruiters."


"Yiorgos was professional, courteous, and proactive in our discussion together. He outlined gaps I could improve on and provided me with potential solutions to make myself more marketable. I’m grateful for connecting with him and look forward to using his services as required in the future."


"Yiorgos was a breath of fresh air for me. He helped me really think deeply about the why of what I wanted, and his insights helped me to craft a story that brought my most authentic self to the table. Yiorgos isn’t just a career coach, he’s that friend who will push you to put your best foot forward while cheering for you from the courtside!"


"Yiorgos empowered me to move forward in my career search while managing multiple interviews and offers, due to the care and objectivity of his advice and knowledge. I felt like I was speaking to a life mentor who has my best interest in mind, and that can allow me to make informed decisions. This led me to accept my dream job and have confidence in how I handled the process. I mean, a wonderful investment in my future!"


"Yiorgos is an exceptional coach. He suggested some really meaningful changes with my resume and portfolio, imparted in-depth knowledge about the recruiting process that helped me streamline my thoughts and think about my applications in a constructive manner."


"An eye-opening session; it was very helpful for me as I understood how my resume is seen from a recruiter’s point of view."


"From his first email, Yiorgos put me at ease. He was warm, approachable, and I felt like I could be honest about how I was feeling (which was honestly a bit raw). When we met, he listened and gave me actionable steps to improve my interview storytelling and flagged a few things that could be impacting my delivery. More than his great advice, he's a welcoming and encouraging port in this storm of a job market. It felt like he'd known me for years after we talked for an hour. His continued support has made my job search more bearable and I know if his name is in my inbox, there will be another piece of advice or encouraging word with it. Yiorgos brings his considerable experience and empathy to his clients, and it was exactly what I needed. I can't recommend him highly enough."


"Yiorgos is so warm and welcoming - that was my first thought as I joined the session. I loved the structure and he was so well prepared! It was one of the most productive 60 minutes I’ve had in a while."


"When talking with Yiorgos, he guided me on how to emphasize my strengths from the recruiter’s perspective. What I loved the most was he made me feel at ease."


"Yiorgos' communication skills are not only effective but also magical. There wasn’t a dull moment during our conversation. It didn’t feel like I was speaking to him for the first time, and I definitely learned a lot from our fruitful conversation."


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