Trevor Young - Content & digital communications strategist, coach & mentor

Trevor Young

Content & digital communications strategist, coach & mentor

Hi, I'm Trevor (aka 'The PR Warrior'). I'm an experienced content and digital communications strategist and coach. I help subject matter leaders and owners of service-based businesses to elevate their profile (VISIBILITY), build their authority (REPUTATION) and grow their level of influence (IMPACT) in a way that's strategic, sustainable ... and respectful.

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FAST-TRACK 💪 Private coaching program (8 weeks)

8 appointments

This is a tailored 8-week 1:1 coaching and mentoring experience for genuine subject matter experts and owners of service-based businesses wanting to elevate their profile and build their thought leader brand in a way that’s strategic, sustainable and respectful. Sessions are conducted via video conference and are 60 minutes in duration unless otherwise stated (two early sessions run for 90 mins). N.B. While this program runs for 8 weeks, we understand that life gets busy and there will be times when we’ll need to postpone the odd session or two. Ideally though, we manage to undertake all 8 sessions across a 12-week period. It also includes day-to-day phone and email contact with Trevor for the duration of the program. WHAT TO EXPECT: This program will give you clarity around your personal/business brand digital communications (across owned, earned and social media), enabling you to create content with purpose and confidence, and then build the right habits, systems and resources to implement in a way that’s both meaningful to, and efficient for, you and your business. The program is a two-part process: 1 - STRATEGY - x2 90-min Zoom sessions covering such things as: * Goals & priorities * Positioning/messaging * Audience mapping * Content pillars * Communications platform * Process * Metrics 2 - IMPLEMENTATION (ongoing coaching & accountability) - x6 60-min sessions (sometimes these might extend to 90 mins, so we schedule accordingly) We will sketch out a practical 90-day playbook to kickstart your efforts and ensure momentum. With our plan of action in mind, we will meet weekly to ensure prioritised activities are undertaken in a timely manner. These sessions are also used for further brainstorming of ideas and unpacking solutions to any problems or issues that arise.

"Trevor has worked closely with me on my personal brand for several years now. His strategic input is fantastic, as is his support and accountability in helping me to execute every day and week, from the content we produce, through to our social media efforts and the packaging of my brand in the form of products and services. "

TRISTAN WHITE - Founder/CEO, The Physio Co. | author & chief guide, Culture is Everything

"What I love about Trevor's teaching style is how he can share what we all need to think about and apply, but also do it by continually sharing the proof. From a household name to the individual content creator making their mark on the world, Trevor's insight and evidence is far reaching and puts it all into a real world context."

MARK MASTERS - Founder, You Are The Media

"Trevor has challenged, shaped and inspired us here at Insync with his practical, real-world and doable approach."

SEAN COADY - CEO, Intelleqt Consulting (former CEO, Insync)

"Trevor connects the dots much faster than most. His ability to spot subtle shifts in human behaviour and connect this to how it will change the way we communicate is second to none and has helped him become a true trailblazer of the Australian content marketing scene and bring many PR pros on the journey with him – myself included."

HEATH EVANS - Co-Founder & CMO of Wilderlands

"I've always admired the content Trevor Young produces and the strategy behind his content and social media marketing. He is incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge and I definitely consider him a mentor."

CAROLYN HYAMS - Marketing Director, Aquent Australia

"Trevor, you are a voice of reason in a sea of rubbish advice. I have followed your approach and reaped great success."

MANDY JOHNSON - Author | Educator | Speaker

"Myself and our business brands of Paris Financial and Cotchy are testament to Trevor Young and his message. He pushed me to the end of the plank, I jumped in (and) have never looked back. Oh and by the way the ROI works very well too."

PAT MANNIX - Partner, Paris Financial | Founder, Cotchy

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