Tim Hanway - Peak Performance Productivity Coach

Tim Hanway

Peak Performance Productivity Coach

Providing Peak Performance Productivity Solutions for Today's Busy Professors & Professionals Are you feeling the weight of modern-day stress, overwhelm, and fatigue? With hybrid work models and digital demands on the rise, it's no wonder the risks of burnout and overwhelm have skyrocketed. But here's the good news: It doesn't have to be this way! I'm Tim, a University Professor and seasoned high-performance coach who has worked with elite athletes, executives, academics, and professionals from a host of different industries including finance and technology. I'm here to partner with you on a transformative journey to reclaim your life and achieve your full potential. Imagine a life where you are in full control: aligned with your values and strengths, and equipped with a clear vision for your future. Together, we'll create a powerful roadmap that maximizes your time, attention, and energy, making your success as effortless as possible. By serving you, you'll learn how to: - Discover your true values and leverage your strengths to achieve lasting fulfillment. - Craft a compelling vision that ignites your passion and propels you into action. - Set achievable goals for your personal and professional life that align with your greater purpose. - Implement a proven planning framework that optimizes your productivity quarterly, weekly, and daily. -Unlock your flow state, tapping into a peak performance state whenever needed. -Establish healthy boundaries, safeguarding time for what truly matters. -Learn to navigate and thrive in crucial conversations when the stakes are high and conflict is inevitable. -Learn to "Bounce Forward" when facing adversity, using a newfound model of resiliency based upon the "3 C's" of challenge, change, and complexity. ***Ready to explore the possibilities of high-performance coaching?*** Take the first step: -Book a complimentary discovery call to discuss your goals and see if we're a good fit. -Listen to my Referrals podcast episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts for insights and inspiration. -Select the program that best suits your needs, and let's dive right into the transformational work together! ***Escape the grip of stress and overwhelm and unlock your true potential. Your journey to peak performance starts now. ***

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"Tim is an excellent coach, as he is very adept at keeping me focused on the issue(s) at hand. While working with Tim I know that I have 100 percent of his attention, and he is really listening to my concerns as well as my ideas. His passion helps drive our conversations to a deeper level and has led to many “aha” moments for me. I greatly appreciate his coaching and guidance."

Felicity Coe

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