Tim Hanway - High Performance Productivity & Time Management Coach

Tim Hanway

High Performance Productivity & Time Management Coach

We are estimated to have 100% more stress than our grandparent’s generation. With hybrid work models being the new norm and digital engagements continuing to rise, the risks of succumbing to stress, fatigue, and overwhelm have never been greater, especially as the lines between personal and professional commitments become more blurred. The good news, however, is that it DOESN'T have to be this way! Having coached and consulted professionals from all walks of life, including Olympians, Paralympians, NFL athletes, and first-time managers up to Fortune 500 C-Suite Executives, I will partner with you to help you: • Discover your values and strengths (while staying loyal to them). • Create a compelling vision for your personal and professional future that spurs you into action. • Implement a quarterly, weekly, and daily planning framework that maximizes time, attention, and energy so that you reach your goals with less effort. • Get into a flow state on demand to work with passion and purpose. • Set healthy boundaries and safeguard time for the essential things in your life so that their friends, family, and loved ones get the “best of them” and not the “rest of them.” CURIOUS to see if high-performance coaching is right for you? • BOOK your complimentary discovery call below. • LISTEN to my Referrals podcast episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts with Michael J. Maher by clicking on the link below. • SELECT a program below that fits your needs so we can get right to work!

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"Tim is an excellent coach, as he is very adept at keeping me focused on the issue(s) at hand. While working with Tim I know that I have 100 percent of his attention, and he is really listening to my concerns as well as my ideas. His passion helps drive our conversations to a deeper level and has led to many “aha” moments for me. I greatly appreciate his coaching and guidance."

Felicity Coe

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