Stephanie Bogue Kerr - Psychotherapist & Social Worker

Stephanie Bogue Kerr

Psychotherapist & Social Worker

Moments of transition bring uncertainty. They can be destabilizing, but they can also be times of growth. I believe that by talking through these experiences, we can find meaning in them. I work primarily with individuals facing the uncertainties of life transitions and of illness (acute and chronic), as well as with those living with anxiety and depression. I am a registered Social Worker in the province of British Columbia. I have a Master's degree in Social Work (University of Ottawa, 2015) and a Master's of Creative Art Therapies (Concordia University, 2013). I am currently pursuing my PhD in Social Work (University of Ottawa). My research interests include the lived experience of physical illness, as well as behavioural addictions (such as social media and exercise addictions).

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