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What's included in your Brand Audit? Your Brand Audit is a detailed, critical examination of your speaking profile and your online presence based on over two decades of experience working with clients (event organizers) who hire top talent multiple times each year. I know what they're looking for (some things might surprise you) and I can show you how to stand out in a competitive landscape. Your Brand Audit will provide strategic recommendations that will help you earn more as a speaker and reach a wider audience. The review will assess the quality and effectiveness of your video footage, speech descriptions, biography, website design, audience-connection and audience-building strategies, publishing cadence and strategies, representation, and networking. You will receive clear, actionable insights to amplify your brand's strengths and address any weaknesses. You begin your Brand Audit by completing a comprehensive survey. We review your survey responses throughout 2-3 calls of an hour duration. Thirty days after the final review call, you receive your Brand Audit PDF and we schedule 1-3 calls of an hour duration to review the findings and recommendations detailed in the audit. These review calls are essentially strategic coaching calls where you can ask clarifying questions about the recommendations presented in the audit. In some cases, revisions to the audit are required based on our discussions. Those are handled promptly. If undertaken by you, the carefully tailored recommendations will make a marked improvement in your reputation as a speaker and author with clients and fans.

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