Sarah Trocchio - Owner & Operator, The Square Peg Club LLC

Sarah Trocchio

Owner & Operator, The Square Peg Club LLC

Dr. Sarah Trocchio is the owner and operator of the Square Peg Club, LLC, a bold AF career coaching & strategy firm for badass academics of all stripes looking to stir shit up in their careers. With nearly two decades of experience as an intersectional inequity scholar, social worker, and professor, Sarah channels all of that curiosity and a honed advocacy tool kit to serve academics at critical professional junctures to bravely start their Next First Thing (NFT). Sarah has always loved people immensely and is known for prompting powerful critical inquiries about life’s most compelling curiosities. Connecting over common humanity and recognizing the desires, needs, and magic that make people uniquely themselves and uniquely wonderful is what makes her tick. She obtained her MSW from Boston University in 2011, her PhD in Criminal Justice from Rutgers-Newark in 2019, and became nationally board certified as a coach through the Center for Credentialing Education (CCE) in 2022. Sarah is passionate about helping academics get real about their core values and how they can best be activated to prompt greater professional freedom & fulfillment.

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