Russell Jackson - Executive Coach

Russell Jackson

Executive Coach

We enable each client to show up as their most magnificent self. Our purpose is empowering our clients to fulfill theirs. Our methodologies unlock higher order thinking modes, engage personal authenticity and hone natural talents. Clients emerge with potent skills sets enabling them to make wise decisions and secure favorable outcomes. Founder Russell H Jackson is an Executive and Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Teacher. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant (SA) in 1998. He exercises commercial experience across a wide range of industries, including: Banking, Law, Insurance, Industrial, Automotive, Marketing and Education. Practical one-on-one and group interventions are performed in a safe, nurturing and appropriately challenging environment. Minimum measurable outcomes experienced by Coachees, on completion of 10 two-hour coaching sessions over a 6 to 9-month period: 1. Activation of higher order thinking capabilities. One dimensional thinking and continuous partial attention make way for clarity in thought, word and deed 2. Accelerated personal growth based on individually identified outcomes. Who I am is more important than what I do, which is more important than what I say I will do 3. Increased levels of self-awareness and self-confidence. The men become more handsome, and the women become more beautiful as their coaching journey progresses 4. Raised productivity from a well-grounded, authentic core. Adult state and adult voice become a way of being 5. Enhanced practical communication and interpersonal skills. The ability to inspire and ensure your impact lasts in your absence 6. Understanding and ownership of personal purpose. Unscripted, authentic coaching conversations surface who am I really 7. Crafting more conscious choices. The art of creating win/win outcomes 8. Elevation of quality leadership and managerial abilities. Managing energy more than time, shifting from the ‘Sandpit’ to the ‘Cockpit’ 9. Attraction of skills and resources. Anchoring Thrive state, thereby activating the laws of attraction 10. Transfer of practical coaching skills between Coach and Coachee. Mindfulness is caught more than taught

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"I would rate my coaching journey as 11 out of 10. The last session just rounded off the entire coaching journey. The visualisation about where I see myself crystalises my life's purpose. I also love the concept of creative tension and am using that in my everyday life as well. Russell has been phenomenal as a coach. I have grown so much more than I had anticipated through this journey."

Therese - Director

"One of the most powerful tools of a coach is the ability to make the coachee feel heard. Russell certainly made me feel heard. Focused listening helps the coachee to ponder and process, thereby formulating solutions that the coachee would not have been able to do on their own. I loved, loved, loved the discussion over E=MC2. Contemplating that time can be more or less efficient given different perspectives is mind blowing."

Chris - Senior Systems Developer

"I really enjoyed working with Russell. He helped me to better understand my own character and profile traits and to more easily identify those of people I deal with daily. I’m looking forward to building on the output of our sessions."

Adrian - Chief Executive Officer

"Russell is able to tailor his coaching and facilitation to cater for your specific needs, area of industry and position within your organization. And to then marry these with your own growth and development within the workspace. He is able to introduce and create an environment for modern day management philosophies to be incorporated into any executive's strategic and day-to-day thinking. This is where the benefit lies in what he does. It is not theories and ideas alone, but how these could work for you, in what you do everyday. His attention to detail and ability to recall names, events and thoughts from previous sessions was a particular strength and skill."

Costa - Chief Operating Officer

"Russell’s general demeanor & energy levels set the tone for the meeting which entered everyone into a learning mindset/state. Focusing on managing my time & energy better. Being more understanding & accommodating of the personality types around me. Focusing on moving all conversations into Adult State. Watching my own negative/pessimistic tendencies. The coaching was informative, insightful & thoroughly enjoyable. I feel that as a team we go back into the workplace equipped & empowered in a way that would be hard to replicate through other types of sessions. The coaching was a game-changer for me personally & worth every minute of our team’s very precious time. Russell is phenomenal and clearly a very gifted coach. I would not hesitate to recommend his sessions to all types of teams, but particularly executive & management teams."

Lee-Ann - Chief Financial Officer

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