Raymond Luk - Founder storytelling and fundraising coach

Raymond Luk

Founder storytelling and fundraising coach

Author of Pitching a Leap of Faith, the pitch deck guide for entrepreneurs. Founder of Hockeystick, Flow Ventures and Year One Labs. Subscribe to my newsletter: www.raymondluk.co I do very limited coaching due to my schedule. But I enjoy it and love hearing new stories and helping where I can. Book a discovery call if this is our first time speaking.

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"Raymond taught me the difference between explaining my business and pitching it. With his generous and direct feedback, Raymond put me in the shoes of my audience -- early stage investors -- and gave me what I needed to launch a successful campaign with confidence."

Srinivas Krishna, Founder/CEO Geogram

Raymond wrote the book on pitch decks. We've made his framework and coaching a core part of our program.

Sunil Sharma, Managing Director Techstars Toronto

Exactly what I needed to get into 'fundraising mode' as an early stage founder. I found Raymond's feedback incredibly helpful, especially when he pitched back to me better wording to describe our problem and solution.

Sunny Shao, Founder Acutely

As a 25-yr serial entrepreneur, I've had the opportunity to pitch to many investors and mentors. Raymond took the time to listen carefully to my pitch, and watch my delivery. I was impressed with the how much he was invested in delivering quality and meaningful feedback, both on content and approach.

Norm Couturier, CEO Terris Earth Intelligence

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