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Queen Red

Wealth Independence Navigation (W.I.N) Coach

I help masculine and feminine energies monetize their divine currency and WIN. Queen Red is the Creative Visionary behind of Redmond Legacy Coaching, LLC with subsidiaries GreenHeart Healing Sojourn, and the CHURCH Tribe (TM). Queen Red is the President of Alpha Wayfinder Properties & Investments, LLC. A real-estate investing entities that focuses on assets accumulation. She is the co-owner of CHAK'YA Yoga Therapeutic Healing and co-Founder of Queens With A Millionaire Mindset, LLC. https://www.facebook.com/awayfinderpi/ https://www.facebook.com/QMMExclusive/

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AUSP & Feminine & Masculine Currency Creation and Strategy

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This is for clients that need to finish their independent (self) book publishing journey, but need flexibility of financial resources. This à la carte runs on a 30 days basis from the initial date you pay for this service. For example, if you pay on 1/4/2023, you will have service for 30 days from the day after you pay. (1) 30 days service from the date of purchase (2) Sessions will be scheduled within 4 days of purchase (3) Sessions (120 mins) will consist of: (a) Weekly Authentic You reflections gems and discussions. GEMS are bright pieces of information that require you to work them to shine brighter. [20 mins] (b) Book updates [80 mins] (c) Project (calendar) updates [10 mins] (d) Investment (Cost for services) [10 mins] The Healing Your Masculine & Feminine Divine Wealth using Currency Creation and Universal Strategy is a four week intensive to reclaim your independence of SELF, which transforms your wealth and transmutes your legacy. Week 1: Breaking Ground (a) Identities any toxic behaviors and mindset that are inherited behaviors (b) Understanding where you fall short with financial accountability (c) Present Accounts and Accountability (d) Are you a risk-taker? Week 2: Currency Creation Week 3: Lunar Moon 13 Wealth Cycle Strategy Week 4: 3D Money Stewardship Week 5: Bonus Week. Legacy-Legacy Each week has its own content of learning. These weeks can be purchased individually. However, it is cheaper to purchase at one. If you wish to purchase these weeks individually, here is the following investments for each. Wk1 $111 Wk2 $111 Wk3 $222 Wk4 $111 *Individually purchased does NOT come with a bonus week* If you purchase these weeks individually, you must purchase them in order because each is a predecessor of the previous. For example, you can't take Week 2 without first taking Week 1. You can't take Week 4 without first taking week 3.

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