Nate Ritter - SaaS entrepreneur and startup advisor

Nate Ritter

SaaS entrepreneur and startup advisor

Founder w/ 3 exits. Serving startup founders as advisor and product focused fractional CTO. Lost in the chaos? Let’s talk

"Nate helped me navigate to essential business decisions during a time I had no clue what to do and what next steps to take. Through his help I was able to 10x my revenue (& profit!) in a matter of weeks."

Julien de Bats - Founder and CEO, Digital Envision

The thing about Nate I find really valuable is that he's got this this rare combination of being deeply technical, but also being strong on the business side of things. Quite often one of our community members think they have a technical problem. But when he starts picking away at it a little bit, he discovers there's actually this underlying problem with the business. And what's awesome about Nate is he's very comfortable switching from one to the other, so he can actually solve the problem, rather than just just kind of treat the symptoms.

Ryan Wardell - Founder & Owner, Startup Sauce

Nate has been a fantastic mentor for Techstars Anywhere. He hosted ad-hoc and bonus sessions for our 12 tech startup companies on how to identify proper dev resources based on stage of company. Nate also completed deep dives on tech stack, resources and team configuration. Our founders LOVE Nate.

Melani Gordon - 3x Founder, Business Coach, Mentor @ Techstars

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