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Your trusted Soul Expansion Guide

As an entrepreneur based in Indonesia, I have seen first-hand the impact humans can have on our planet. Once I had my daughter, Cassandra, I realized she deserved better: I wanted her to have a safe, beautiful, clean world to grow up in. As I spend my days coaching entrepreneurs across the globe, I do it for my daughter: I help the companies of tomorrow expand their soul to live in harmony with people, profit & planet. I call myself “Mr. PINK” because my mission in life is to Prosper, Inspire and Nurture Kindness. I believe we must seize every moment of “now” in order to be the greatest version of ourselves – the version we see in our grandest vision. It’s not a fantasy; it’s a matter of fulfilling our destiny. As a Business Coach, I spend my days working with Visionary entrepreneurs: the misfits, the rebels, the “quirky” ones who have brilliant ideas but struggle to synthesize them into their business. I help entrepreneurs: 💪 Nurture talents into strengths with Clifton Strengths Coaching 🌊 Create high flow lifestyle of focus to achieve the impossible with FRC Flow Mastery Coaching 🚀 Foster exponential business growth & massive impact with Scaling Up Coaching I am a Certified Story Brand Guide, Scaling Up Coach, Gallup Strengths Coach, Open EXO Sprint Coach, FRC Flow Trainer & more. I am also a Futurist: I leverage the incredible power of technology to help you build habits, processes & systems that will transform your life.

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Product Details CliftonStrengths 34 reveals your complete unique talent profile, based on your responses to the CliftonStrengths Assessment. Once you've completed the online assessment, you will receive personalized reports, interactive learning and other resources. These materials explain what you naturally do best and how you can develop and use your talents to live your strongest life possible. Your CliftonStrengths 34 reports and resources are invaluable as you work with others to accomplish goals -- and they are accessible on any device. Benefits of CliftonStrengths 34: improved awareness of your natural talents from discovering your full CliftonStrengths 34 profile greater confidence and empowerment thanks to a deeper understanding of how you can use your CliftonStrengths to succeed an easy way to describe your unique talent DNA to teammates and others using the common language of CliftonStrengths shared by millions of people around the world improved performance at work and anywhere when you use the proven advice and ideas for how to apply your CliftonStrengths in every part of your life success in spite of your weaknesses, with concepts and strategies that help you manage -- not -- what you don’t do best so you can focus on getting the most from your strongest CliftonStrengths (This product is including 60mins coaching session) 30 minutes is the estimated time you take to fill the assessment Link to fill the assessment will be sent to your inbox after payment confirmation.

"I feel enlightened. He made me sharper in talent/strength implementation. It was great not only for professional life, but also personal life. Thank you Max!"

Flavia Sungkit

"Eye opening, insightful, and know what & how to do."

Yasa Singgih

"His coaching skills. His ability to make me perceive my strengths in a different manner. His positive outlook in saying that there are no weaknesses. All are strenghts. Some are more than others."

Roshan Nandwani

"love how Maxim asked questions that straight to the core problem and able to guide me find my own answer. I love how Maxim simplify and guide me through knowing my strategy and which strategy to prioritize"

Felicia Regina

"The ability to figure out the flow of my natural strength: how it impacts may day to day goal setting, decision making, and execution."

Tirto Hutomo Yuandi

"Made me more realize my strengths and develop it to my life."

Stefania Catharine

"The coach is well aware of my strengths and challenges me where I need it."

Peter Sheehan

"Gives me clarity. I love how each steps we filled in came together into a strategy"

Claudia Sastrawidjaja

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