Melissa Ensink - Coach + Mentor for Health and Wellness Coaches

Melissa Ensink

Coach + Mentor for Health and Wellness Coaches

Hi, I'm Mel! I am a Coach and Mentor for early stage health + wellness entrepreneurs ready to create a thriving business with a lifestyle to match! I support new, aspiring or early stage health, wellness and nutrition coaches who are ready to kickstart their business and start working with regular, paying clients. Together we will get clear on your vision for both your business and life, design and sell your signature offer, craft a business model that suits your lifestyle, create a simple but effective marketing plan to draw people into your work, and ensure you have all the foundational pieces in place to build the coaching business you desire. We also ensure you are building your coaching confidence, refining and enhancing your coaching skills, and bringing together your other skills in a concise way, so you can guide your clients through a process of transformation. I do this using my signature framework - the Health Coach Kickstarter Method - which brings together the business, coaching and mindset elements to ensure you have the foundations of a sustainable and impactful business.

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