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Lukas Weichselbaum🌞

I believe for our existence to be meaningful we have to look further out than just ourselves. The real prize lies with the lives we can touch. My mission is to inspire you to thrive, to grow with and through your challenges, to be a leader regardless of what your outer world circumstances might appear to be. When we shine our light, then it will illuminate those around us. In this way, our decisions of today can become a strong foundation for a positive and happy tomorrow.

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"The work I've done with Lukas has actually been more beneficial to me than the therapy. The exercises, the talks, the listening sessions. I'm grateful to a high level for what he's offered and the help he's given me."

Hameed S.

Lukas is very understanding and a great listener with good POSITIVE advice and beneficial resources. He's interested in helping me make the transition and be, not just whole again, but a better person.

Richard S.

Lukas has a way of keeping me on point, on the outcome, in a fun way, not too heavy.

John F.

Lukas really helped me get some clarity during my time of emotional distress. I know he focuses more on divorced/separated men who are going through a tough time but his strategies helped me too. I highly recommend him if you need assistance in any way.

Annalie H.

Lukas has the knowledge and experience to transform lives. Lukas was in a personal transformation cohort of over 100 students that I was also enrolled into from October 2021. He quickly became well known and popular in the cohort due to his compassion and empathy for anyone who was suffering. During the initial introduction to the group with Lukas he stated very firmly that he would be using the skills he learned in the course to launch a help group for dads going through the pain of separation or divorce. Lukas has kept that promise! When Lukas decides he is going to do something, he pulls out all the stops to deliver it. Since graduating the original cohort I am now a student in an ongoing training cohort that Lukas is actually now taking the lead in. He is always available for helping with any support that the groups needs and has very wise words for us all.

Anne-Marie C.

If you want the best for your child.......If you are a separated Dad, parent or simply want help in your relationship then engaging Lukas as a mentor and coach to help with those moments of difficulty can only enhance both your and your child/s experience of 'getting through' life. Lukas has the knowledge to help you enjoy rather than simply survive life, and everything it throws. Listening to Lukas talk, and even in written communications, every word he utters is pure gold. Even now I engage with him in order to request his point of view of specific situations, whether it be with my children, my relationship or my self. If as a separated Dad, or parent, or even just trying to get through life, you are looking for a truly intuitive and focused mentor, who understands your situation and who can position themselves from your point of view, then Lukas is the man to engage. Having been through his own journey of 'sharing' parenting I know he has worked out the best way to 'harmonise' with his 'ex' and to bring the highest level of conscious parenting to his son. He helps you get to the heart of whatever matter needs attention, helps provide focus towards dealing with that matter, and has the humility yet tenaciousness to gently but firmly take you through the difficulties that you are currently facing. His method is relaxed and he brings a free-flowing way of being, along with an understanding of where you are, how you got there, and creation of a clear path of where to go (including how not to fall back into the habits and identity of the 'person' that got you there in the first place). I would not hesitate to recommend to ANY father (or any parent for that matter) to engage with Lukas for practical application of day-to-day practices that help and support with the difficulties and struggles that life presents when the chips are down. If you engage with Lukas as a client, I know that the experience to improve in EVERY area of your life (not just relationships) by instigating his mentoring and doing the necessary work (on oneself.... there is no magic wand but this is the nearest there is!), that life will only improve, exponentially, beyond your wildest expectations. (And I look forward to reading your testimonal to that effect hear on Trustpilot in the future). Step up and Enjoy - and do it NOW = hestitation is the first step to procrastination.... Squash it! and instead step forward and embrace a feeling of complete and utter freedom with a new way of living, doing and being. And thank you Lukas - it is a pleasure to provide you with a testimonial. x

Gill B.

Lukas is really caring. He will support you daily and he knows his craft!! Highly recommend him!

Konstantinos Z.

I had the opportunity to speak with Lukas while I was going through a very difficult period in my life. He was easy to talk to, a great listener and very empathetic. I gained a different perspective on my situation after our talk. Very grateful for his help and kind words.

Erik P.

Lukas has been a source of inspiration and encouragement for me. I’ve been so impressed with his passion, attention to detail and follow-through. I highly recommend working with Lukas if you’re in need of guidance or clarity. Thank you, Lukas!

Lili G.

Lukas is an intuitive guide for healing. I first met Lukas online when we both enrolled for the same personal transformation program with a global community of students. We had our onboarding call together in October 2021. In that meeting, I could tell there was something special about Lukas. We were on weekly community calls with many others over a six-month period and I watched his journey take the most beautiful direction. He was doing the hard work required of us if we want to transform our lives. I can honestly say that he was one of the most impressive examples of the power of that program. He is now continuing to move into the fullest expression of who he is and is understanding his role in this lifetime; which is to be the shining example of what's possible. Lukas is a compassionate guide who knows the pain of the people he wants to reach. He's been there, in the trenches, and he's pulled himself up in order to serve others. I highly recommend Lukas to anyone who is lost and confused about their path. He will teach you about self-love and will show you how amazing your life can be. I am proud to know him and, as a coach myself, am honored to be a witness to his journey where he is following his heart to raise humanity up.

Linda E.

Shining Star I know Lukas from a personal development course we have done together. He is such a shining, bright soul very insightful and caring. I was always amazed by his readiness to help and assist in any situation or dilemma I had. He definitely has a lot to offer and is a wonderful guide to show the light to many trough his experience and obtained knowledge. I'm very happy and pleased to have him as a friend. THANKS

Marieta V.

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