Lola Carey - Changing Dog Behavior One Dog at a Time

Lola Carey

Changing Dog Behavior One Dog at a Time

Note: Temporarily not accepting new clients. Hot summer heat will mean reduced hours and may result in sudden reschedulings. Check the forecast before scheduling. I am a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP). I have completed the Master Course - Aggression in Dogs from Michael Shikashio of and I am a licensed UnChase!© Trainer. It is possible to enjoy a better life with your dog. You can find out more in a Free Exploratory Phone Call (see in Packages below) We add & remove services as needed, so please check back on this page frequently. You can also individually suggest a service.

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Serving Salem, West Salem, & Keizer areas

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"We’re so fortunate to have found Lola at the Lucky Leash! Our latest rescue really threw us for a loop with an unexpected level of situation-specific reactivity. Lola patiently guided us through an incredible journey of awareness and understanding of our sweet girl’s challenges over many months of working together. Lola’s commitment to her clients (human & canine) shows with her ongoing support in between sessions and her extensive list of continuing education in the field of positive behavior modification techniques. As a result of working with Lola life has improved tremendously for our family pack. Thanks to Lola our dog is blossoming within her community of canine & human friends, who continually note how far she’s come in the past year. We highly recommend working with Lola! "

Betsy, Kevin, and Piper

My family was stationed overseas for several years and I became a foster mom of a 3 year old golden doodle who needed new manners. Working with Lola was wonderful, she was so helpful in fixing all the areas needed: learning to walk w/o pulling, not being reactive to other dogs, how to greet people at the door, besides the normal sit, stay, down commands. Dexter became a calmer, happier dog and I became confident to walk him with out the fear of falling. On return my family drove with Dexter across country to their next duty station. They were amazed at his progress and his good behavior. We are all grateful to Lola!

Margaret Hughes

Lola at Lucky Leash has helped me with several dogs now. She has worked with my many foster dogs, with my own dogs and mostly with me. I have learned so much about dog behavior over the past few years that I have become a much better dog mom. I no longer have to feel frustrated or even angry when the dogs in my home misbehave or act in an undesirable way. I just think what would Lola do, what would Lola say? I love the fact that I can call on her for reinforcement lessons anytime. Lola is totally committed and passionate about helping dogs and their people be better family members together! Terri Ellen, Lifetime Student for Dogs & Cats Salem Bed & Biscuit 503.999.2125 text

Terri Ellen

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