6 months of weekly mentoring sessions. A personal growth package for empaths and spiritual seekers. I combine intuitive energy healing, spiritual guidance, and education for managing and thriving as an empath. Every empath has a unique journey to embody their authentic life path. A mentor sees you and what you are capable of more clearly than you currently see yourself. Their job is to reflect that back to you while helping you navigate, press forward, and reframe challenges. Details and Logistics I recommend that clients book all sessions after your intake session and, if possible, on the same day of the week at the same time. This sets up the container for your work. Our first scheduled meeting is our Initial Planning Session, which is 90 minutes. Each month, you will receive 3 hours of mentoring. The suggested framework includes: * two 60-minute mentoring sessions each month * two 30-minutes energy balancing and grounding sessions a month. Example of a Month of sessions: Week 1: 60-minute mentoring session Week 2: 30-minute energy balancing session Week 3: 60-minute mentoring session Week 4: 30-minute energy balancing Week 5: (in months that have them) no session. Refund Policy: All packages are non-refundable.

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