Empath Apprenticeship

A package of 12, one-on-one 60-minute sessions focused on healing, learning, and management of being an empath. Learn how to feel good about being an empath. A structured and customizable program designed for empaths who desire to step more fully into their power and own their experiences in life and relationships. Scheduling The Apprenticeship has two different scheduling options; one over 6 months and the other over 4 months. * The four-month option has 3 one-hour sessions a month with a week off between months. * The six-month option has 2 one-hour sessions a month, scheduled every other week. Topics We will work on these topics over the course of the apprenticeship: Consciousness and Grounding Energy Systems and Clearing Merging and Boundaries Nervous System Regulation and Capacity Intuition and Channeling Empaths and the Spiritual Path Refund Policy: All packages are non-refundable.

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