Jane Pak - Life Coach

Jane Pak

Life Coach

I support Asian women learning to live their lives as their own. ------------------------------------- ✨ Coaching Opportunity: Coaching with me might be right for you if you're looking for support with: - Defining what your version of success looks and feels like and designing your relationship to this version of success - Articulating your core values and practicing them across all areas of your life - Incorporating both collectivist values that come with being raised in communities of color and individualist values that come from living in the west - Considering careers you truly want to explore instead of merely pursue to satisfy familial and cultural expectations - Planning life transitions that take into account cultural nuances - Discovering, communicating, and maintaining healthy boundaries with your family, friends, and colleagues - Developing sustainable frameworks for your life to prevent overwhelm and burnout from both tangible and intangible labor If you're interested in any of the above, please book a introduction call with me below. If you have any questions prior to booking, please don't hesitate to contact me directly through my contact form.

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"Jane is an amazing coach who has helped me build meaningful relationships in all areas of life. She guided me through recognizing my most important values and was such a great support in highlighting the skills and tools I already had. Her great insight, active listening, and background in behavioral science played a key role in not only brainstorming strategies for my personal goals, but also in helping to implement them! Jane clearly cares for her clients and you can definitely feel it in the way she personalizes her meeting notes and suggestions for action steps."


Jane is a phenomenal coach. She holds the space for you to reflect on your blockers, and mirrors back your experience in a succinct statement, which brings clarity to nebulous situations. The number of “Aha!” moments we’ve explored together in 1 short hour never ceases to amaze me. She also makes it as easy as possible for you to action takeaways after, by providing session notes and taking the mental load off scheduling the next check-in and so on. 10/10 recommend, you won’t regret it!


Jane is genuinely passionate about helping people to succeed and that shines through when you work with her. She strikes the perfect balance between being supportive and encouraging utilising her immense knowledge gained through her studies and career experience. Jane delivers a coaching experience that will make a real difference to her clients.


Jane did an amazing job creating a safe and comfortable environment for me to share. She acted as a great sounding board — she listened very carefully and asked specific questions that helped me better organize my own thoughts and feelings around what I wanted to work on. I didn’t expect so much progress in just an hour, but she helped me outline several concrete steps I can take the next time I encounter the same issue. I felt both challenged (in a helpful way!) and understood during my session with Jane!


As a coach, Janes offers a perfect balance of being both people- and results-oriented. During our first session, she was able to create a comfortable environment where I immediately felt heard and emotionally “taken care of”. At the same time, Jane ensures to offer you actionable suggestions that you can immediately start putting into action. I think this blend of humanistic & practical approach is what makes Jane an excellent coach and I’m thrilled to continue learning with and from her.


It was a real pleasure to work with Jane! Not only is she a brilliant listener, I really enjoyed our brainstorming sessions for ideas on how to tackle issues that I was facing. Her calm demeanour is another attribute I appreciate in a coach. Our journey throughout 12 sessions has added great insights and value to my life. I am most thankful for her patience and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking more clarity and looking to unlock their true potential.


Jane taught us so much about how to value and love ourselves simply through unapologetically being herself.

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