James   - Transformational Leadership Coach


Transformational Leadership Coach

James is a Product and Technology leader turned to a part time Leadership Coach for startup leaders. He leads teams that launched several 0 to 1 products supporting the multi-billion Infrastructure for Meta. He has advised/worked with several startups – Grroom, Previtix, Statwig, Revolution Analytics (acquired by Microsoft), Latentview Analytics (IPO in 2022) and Campus Pipeline. He invests and advises early-stage ventures in the Silicon Valley and is a startup mentor at IIT Bombay, School or Entrepreneurship. During his consulting career with Infosys Technologies, he led several IT driven business transformation initiatives for fortune 100 clients. His expertise includes Product Management, Technology Strategy and Data Science/AI. James partners with technology leaders to help them ‘see what they haven’t seen before’. He helps them learn and intervene in their internal and external complex adaptive systems through reflection, conversation, discovery, and experimentation. His coaching style involves listening and learning with curiosity, compassion, and sans judgement. He draws from vast body of research from various domains in-order to make transformational impact.

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San Jose, CA