Tami Holladay - Mindset, Confidence + Enneagram Coach

Tami Holladay

Mindset, Confidence + Enneagram Coach

Empowering women and couples to break free from feeling stuck, cultivate strong communication skills and confidence, while embracing positive change in their lives and relationships!

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"My values help shape the person I am and the decisions that I make every day. I feel like I was making superficial decisions or decisions that were best for everyone else, not myself. Once I figured out my core values, I was able to make decisions based on who I am and what I value most in life. This confidence and happiness is something I would have never guessed I would get from these sessions. This process has taken over 9 months and I now feel like I am able to really use the resources Tami has given me to navigate life. "

Jessica H.

Engaging in coaching has enabled me to have my own personal space to talk through, process and reformat thoughts, emotions, situations, and life events. It is so helpful to have an outside perspective like Tami who is so knowledgeable, encouraging and insightful about how to help someone reformat things like false messaging, rewrite negative self-talk and work through meeting small but important goals within a person's life. I feel like my biggest growth area since starting coaching with Tami has been my ability to step back & reassess how I am going to choose to respond in situations that take place. I also feel like I have allowed myself more freedom to give myself grace and not be so critical of myself.

Kimber B.

I fully recommend anyone wanting to learn more about themselves & why we do things the way we do, to have an Enneagram Typing Session with Tami. I had heard a bit about the Enneagram before and thought it sounded interesting. When I heard Tami was leading sessions I jumped at the chance. Tami was very patient and caring during our time. I found it helpful when Tami gave me time to think and didn’t rush me & also when she explained things a different way if I was struggling.

Bellinda S.

Tami is beautifully compassionate and brilliantly helps me move from my “stuck” places to get momentum in areas that have needed healing, revelation, understanding, and movement. I had previously done some counseling work which was good but I found what I really wanted was to work with a coach who could help me go beyond processing my thoughts and circumstances and make some actual and significant movement through them. I wanted to move from A to B and couldn’t quite figure out what A or B were. Our work together is doing that. Plus some! While Tami's great with all women, she has a special place in her heart for women in ministry and missions.

Stephanie D.

Meeting with a coach gives me dedicated time to slow my brain down and focus on how I want to grow as a person. Tami has gifted me a safe space to explore my tangled thoughts and feelings in a way that gently guides me to meaningful growth. She’s an answered prayer to help me process my life as a Christian, pastor’s wife, mom and church leader. Her kindness and wisdom are water to my soul.

Brooke W.

I was really excited to schedule an Enneagram Typing session with Tami. Like many, I’ve taken a free online assessment but was left feeling like, “now what?” Having an actual human being go through my results with me was priceless. Tami not only went over my results, but she also took the assessment a few steps further to ensure we had the correct results by asking many follow-up questions that dug deeper. It turns out my results with Tami were completely different than when I took the assessment on my own. I am so thankful to now know my type so I can dive deeper into learning and get to know my authentic self.

Rene K

Working with Tami offered me a safe place to start to name and work through insecurities, doubts, and fears that were holding me back from moving forward into ministry areas I knew the Lord was inviting me into. Tami was compassionate, supportive, and kind, offering gentle challenge, insightful questions, and helpful observations each session. My coaching season with Tami was a precious gift from God.

Kim B.

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