Heather Stewart - How can I help?

Heather Stewart

How can I help?

Manifesting Your Dreams Into Your Reality Making changes to create your best life can be challenging and overwhelming and scary... I totally get that! Sometimes you don't know exactly what it is that's the problem... Sometimes you know what it is but you're not sure which way to go... Sometimes you don't even know how to start! I've been through it, I've gained so much experience and I'm here to help you... Combining the experience gained from my first career as a corporate financial executive with my second career as a Registered Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher and Wellness Advocate - I help you sort through the overwhelm of life to decide what you want, how to set your roadmap to get there and hold you accountable on the journey. Connect with me for a conversation and let me help you get started.

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"As my coach, she has been informative, encouraging, attentive, and most of all a voice of reason that has been patient with me, yet also held me accountable. Heather is knowledgeable and has a wealth of experiences to draw from and share. Heather is simply the best!"

Ellen K

Several of the many specific and practical behavior and/or conceptual strategies that Heather shared from her vast store of knowledge and study. For me, the primary game changers were: 1) focus each day on accomplishing 1-to-5 major tasks (priority of deadline or value). 2) daily body movement, including the Happiness routine. 3) group sessions online offering camaraderie and support.

Tee B

She is great and spends time with me explaining what my goals is in my life. She is pleasant..

Marie V

She really listens. Helps me find what stops me. Her encouragement always helps me move forward.

Virginia L

I hope to continue with Heather! More clarity and focus

Jennifer Howey

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