Hannah Waen, ACC - Executive & Professional Coach

Hannah Waen, ACC

Executive & Professional Coach

ICF-Certified Coach Inspired by Nature's Wisdom, Creative Expression, and Authentic Self-Discovery - Cultivating Dynamic Leadership, Resilient Brands, & Mindful Living 🌿🐴✨ Supporting leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and individuals looking to build a more purposeful life aligned with their values and sense of integrity. Areas of interest include brand identity and strategy, business building, executive presence and leadership, mindset, creativity, entrepreneurship, community, and connection to nature.

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"Working with Hannah was absolutely transformative to not only the way that I operated in my business - but also how I felt. During our time together I became more and more comfortable pushing myself to do scary or uncomfortable things with the increased confidence our sessions gave me. Hannah also gave me the full permission to be myself - ADHD and all - and encouraged me to build my brand identity and create systems that supported me- rather than making me feel more overwhelmed, which has been so extremely helpful. I highly encourage booking a session with Hannah to help you gain more confidence and clarity in your message and build your business in a way that is uniquely you."


"Each session with Hannah is like a dance. Oftentimes, I am the one leading, while she stays in perfect step with me. And, when I need it, she takes the lead and guides me in steps I didn’t know I could do. Everything we do together is grounded in integrity, and that for me is the music that makes my heart sing and my soul rejoice. Because of the work we do together, I am finding out who I am – and who I want to be – in my own coaching business and in my marketing. I am so grateful for Hannah’s keen listening, her insight, and her empathy."


"Hannah is a fantastic guide in general, and if you're working to develop your authentic business brand, look no further! Hannah is kind, creative, and supportive! The best person to help you launch the message the world needs to hear from you!"


"I don't know a kinder, more caring, or more authentic person than Hannah Waen. There is nothing artificial in her nature."

Anonymous Client Feedback

“I have discovered that having a great idea is not enough. You have to be able to get it out for people to see. This morning I woke up motivated instead of overwhelmed. Thank You!"


"Hannah is a wonderful coach. She's patient, easy to talk to, and you don't feel any hint of judgment from her during a session. She's able to suck you out of your preconditioned thoughts or the black holes that we get sucked into, thinking we're not able to do certain things because of what we've been told. Our sessions inspired me to make HUGE career and life changes that I would have never made without her coaching. I've left feeling more human, less of an imposter, and like I can do anything I set my mind to."


"Hest Creative helped me figure out my next career move by guiding me in a natural direction that fit my skills and passion. Hannah was great to work with and really allowed me to explore the possibilities while keeping true to who I am."


"Hannah constantly amazed me with her passion for organization and original methods of solving problems. When you get to connect with her, you will find an incredible person with unique skills! Intelligent and thorough marketer - that's her!"


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