Meridith Grundei - Not your typical public speaking and presentation skills coach

Meridith Grundei

Not your typical public speaking and presentation skills coach

Grundei Coaching has attracted a diverse range of notable clients, including Panasonic, Amazon AWS, Pfizer, Merck, Idorsia, and many more. Meridith Grundei, the owner of Grundei Coaching, is a specialist in public speaking and presentation skills. With an impressive background as an award-winning theatre director, producer, and former Second City improv teacher, she recognized the striking similarities between performing for enthusiastic audiences on stage every night and presenting to clients and colleagues every day. However, she noticed that many individuals lacked the necessary tools to bring their stories to life in the latter scenario. Driven by her passion for helping others, Meridith decided to take action. Grundei Coaching truly stands out as your reliable sidekick in conquering high-stakes presentations at conferences, conventions, and within your own organization. We are dedicated to assisting you in preparing, practicing, and presenting like a seasoned professional! Enter Meridith, the superhero of high-achieving entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs, swooping in to infuse your presentations with a touch of pizzazz and spark. With her extraordinary abilities, she has the power to transform you into a compelling and credible speaker, capable of captivating any audience.

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"Meridith's program has changed what I say and how I say it. Usually, when I did a presentation, two or three people would want to talk to me. After three weeks of your training, at my first presentation, 25% of the audience wanted to speak to me."

Sajad Husain | CEO, Cause & Effect Consulting

Meridith's method is fun, creative, tactical, and unlike anything I have experienced before. I now feel set up and success and have learned the tools to reduce my speaking anxiety, project my voice, and harness a strong sense of presence. Meridith is an absolute pleasure to work with, always shows up with a smile, and makes the entire process and playful journey.

Jaclynn Brennan | CEO, Fyli Mastermind

I enjoyed working with Meridith. She is very knowledgeable and gets you out of your comfort zone. Meridith takes away your crutch and pushes you to use other means to be more effective - which is getting your message across as clear and as succinct as possible. What I enjoyed about working with Meridith was the opportunity to explore and discover my speech/presentation style. Meridith would say try this or try that, and at the end of the day, you gravitate towards what is more natural for you and puts you at ease. This is one of her superpowers.

Ethan Ngo | Chief Technical Services Officer

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