Grace Marin - Healthcare Communication Coach

Grace Marin

Healthcare Communication Coach

Founder and President at PX Coaching, LTD with over 30 years of experience as a Nurse and Healthcare Leader is focused on: Making an “inside out” difference in the lives of those I coach. For the first time in my life, both personally and professionally, I feel like my inside matches my outside. I’ve often felt that I was never good enough and struggled with shame. I couldn’t see my true value beyond the responsibilities of professional duty and family/cultural expectations. I have given myself “permission” to integrate my work, my faith, and my life into the “whole person” I have always longed to become. I’m a child of immigrants – arriving in the USA when I was only four, and I soon realized that I hadn’t felt comfortable in either culture. Now, I no longer see my past as something to be ashamed of, but a platform on which to deeply connect with others. I have stepped into a more authentic and consistent “inside out relationship” with myself and my clients. I love working with people who are eager to learn, improve, and grow – those who are open hearted, have high EQ, and are courageous. I enjoy meeting new people, to explore conversations that are inspiring and even complex. I’m a highly observant and compassionate coach who can quickly identify areas of strength and growth in you or your organization while delivering feedback that is both palatable and actionable. I love making a positive impact on those who have dedicated their lives to the care of others, whether it is in direct patient care or leading direct reports in the healthcare environment. Grace Marin, President | Founder PX Coaching LTD.

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"“Working with Grace has increased my confidence at the executive level and has given me great insight into my leadership style. Her calming presence was a welcome change from the chaos of my day to day work. I would highly recommend coaching with Grace for leaders at all levels.”"

Megan S., VP Patient Care Services

"Grace's coaching truly changed my neuropathways and fundamentally changed the way I functioned as a leader as well as how I approached my personal relationships. She gave me the space to reflect, the tools to work through my internal biases, and the guidance on how to shift my actions and reactions to better serve me. I will continue to take the skills and lessons I learned from our sessions into my career and my personal life."

Siobhan S., CTICU Supervisor

“Working with Grace was such an amazing experience as a Healthcare Leader during the Pandemic. I never make time for "me" and I didn't realize how much I needed that until I saw the benefits (professionally and personally) from my sessions with Grace. She truly helped me acknowledge what was important and how to be better for my team. I miss her already!”

Tanya D., ED Supervisor

“Grace's approach to job coaching reflects a wealth of experience, caring, and wisdom. When I started working with Grace, I was looking for some tips and tricks on navigating the job market. She provided so much more through an approach that emphasized humility and authenticity. My search became less about job seeking and more about self-reflection. She encouraged me to think creatively about the ideal job setting and about finding ways to bring my full-self to my career. She continues to inspire me to believe in my abilities and to grow more thoughtfully as a leader. Please meet with Grace if you would like to find new ways to grow in your career. “

John P., PhD Candidate

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