Eric Connelly - Executive Coach for Leaders and Entrepreneurs on the Cusp of Transformation

Eric Connelly

Executive Coach for Leaders and Entrepreneurs on the Cusp of Transformation

I am a Masters-level executive coach and strategic change consultant (MSOD). My journey has seen collaborations across various sectors – from energy to government, tech to health, partnering with organizations both nascent and well-established. This breadth of experience allows me to offer a unique perspective and actionable insights to the diverse range of entrepreneurs and business leaders I work with.

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"Eric is a 10x Coach! I am the owner of a startup company managing a large government contract in its third funding round. I contacted Eric for support on our business systems and processes and quickly hired him as an executive coach. He has been instrumental in helping me navigate an unfamiliar business and cultural environment. His exceptional insights into challenging situations I have brought to him have 10x my professional and personal life. He perfectly balances strategic logic and intuition and is a genuinely empathetic human being. I admire his dedication to bringing out excellence in others. He has helped me define my leadership style and our company's culture. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Sherri Reid

Working with Eric over the last few months has been the most impactful investment I’ve made in my personal and professional life. As an executive, entrepreneur who was looking for support creating more efficient and aligned business practices, working with Eric I’ve gained so much more. In our work together, I’ve been able to gain more awareness, insight and results not only in the way I work but also in the way I show up as a more intentional leader. He has a brilliant way of identifying core needs and guiding questions that have allowed for me to make changes in the way I prioritize myself, my needs and the way I structure my life that allows for me to embody the feminine while still taking strategic action. I had never been able to find a coach that knows how to show up for exactly what’s needed to make sustainable shifts that lead to long-term impact. Every time I finish a coaching session, I gain a new sense of clarity and run directly to other women leaders I know to share the impact and insight I’ve learned in hopes that everyone would make the same type of investment needed to help them reach their next chapter.

Sienna B.

Eric’s coaching style goes deeper than any I’ve experienced before. He has a unique ability to move from mind into body and access inner powerful resources in such a natural, effective way. I felt moved, energised and committed to a more grounded, centred and purposeful future. I truly feel transformed and on a clearer journey. For upleveling yourself and your life in every which way including a spiritual element I can’t recommend Eric enough.

Bianca Best, Chief Digital Officer PMX EMEA, Publicis Groupe

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