Elizabeth Strauss - I'm Taking Back Me-Coaching

Elizabeth Strauss

I'm Taking Back Me-Coaching

I am the person you call when you come to that place where whatever you have been doing is not working anymore! Let's increase your creativity, thus increasing innovative thinking, which is a key to problem-solving. We achieved this with creative workshops that boost morale and help you access a part of the brain needed to think out of the box! I help you realise your passion, identity and purpose in your personal and professional lives. When you identify passion and purpose, you will start enjoying life at work and home. I am not your average coach, and my approach is very unique. I assist you in many areas of life and business because I believe in collaborating with companies to help you succeed. Not many coaches can help you with stress management combined with touch therapy through massage, an image consultant, a marketing agency and a business strategist at your call while helping you sort out your priorities and needs. It's time to say I'm taking back me! The person I dreamt of being. I am eager to help you on this journey. Book that Discovery call now, and we can get started!

"As a young entrepreneur, Elize and her coaching team has helped me and my team step up our game in our work and our personal lives. With a great attitude and outlook on life, having Elize as your mentor makes it difficult to not become like-minded in your work ethic and outlook, your personal day to day lives."


I saw and felt that I could have more, be more and create more! My faith grew and strengthened daily. I was challenged to find my voice and use it.


Elize's innovative intervention coaching is a solution for our turbulent times. It assists entrepreneurs and business owners to identify the blind spots in their mindsets and then addressing them. This equally applies to the staff. The result is better-balanced people working together as an effective team to a common goal.


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