"“If you are looking for a world-class wholistic approach to your personal/ business development, health and well-being, with a challenging and rewarding practice for your body, mind, and spirit, Dorman is for you! Dorman has not only guided me through rehab but he has regularly helped me breathe calmer, and expand my physical and mental limits. I find that his challenging, convenient, and rewarding online sessions allow me to push myself, and to manage life’s stresses and anxieties. Dorman's approach to life, goes beyond conventional coaching, and the Gold Mind emphasis allows me to show up as a better, more fit, and more mindful intentional version of myself in my professional and personal lives. Dorman’s authentic approach and genuine love and passion for fitness, wellness, and personal development shine through in the only coaching I have found to combine an exceptional physical, mental, and spiritual practice.” Rishi"

Rishi Behari

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