Dani Frank  - Therapeutic Yoga Teacher | Career Resilience Coach

Dani Frank

Therapeutic Yoga Teacher | Career Resilience Coach

With over a decade of experience as a Human Resource Manager and recruiter for Fortune 500 companies, I understand the fast-paced and high-stress world of corporate America. But it was my personal journey with burnout that led me to the intersection of ancient yoga and modern psychology, where I've devoted the last 7 years to learning, healing, and teaching. My unique background and expertise make me the perfect coach to help you find balance, success, and fulfillment in your career and life. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by your job search or feeling stuck in your career, I'll teach you the tools and strategies you need to achieve your goals and thrive.

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"For me, having Dani as a mentor for my Mental health was a THE best decision. The anxiety disorder I live with affects the way I show up in my business, so it was obvious for me that I needed Dani coaching me. Dani is giving me tools to regulate my nervous system and manage anxiety symptoms as they come and go. This is so valuable and I feel my energy is elevating week after week with her support! I can see where I am going and I don't feel alone in my business anymore! Dani is meeting me where I am, without jugdment or pressure to be a certain way. She is the mentor I was waiting for and I am so grateful our paths have crossed"

Isabelle Potvin

There is no doubt that after every session of Yoga for Grief I feel a lightness of being that wasn't there before. Grief is So Heavy. My real epiphany After my 4th week Of doing Yoga for Grief Was waking up the next morning To travel home for Christmas... for the 1st time in 6 years I wasn't angry.... I just thought I was finding Things to be angry about Like my Husband's predictable behavior of running at least 2 hours late before travel. Again I say I felt no anger. It was then that I really connected my anger to my grief and Realized how it was affecting my relationship With my husband. I was definitely one of those people who went off on her human and Now I know why. This is the most powerful work I have ever done! Thank you Dani Frank for creating Yoga for Grief!

Francin Reynaga

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