Chantal Palanca - Personal and Professional Coach (Lumia Certified)

Chantal Palanca

Personal and Professional Coach (Lumia Certified)

✨I encourage people to trust themselves and stop over thinking so they can unlock their full potential and take action on their own terms. I'm a first generation Filipina American who knows first hand how lost it can feel to navigate who you are, your own hopes and dreams when all your life you've been told in order to succeed you have to do it a certain way that never resonated with you. I'm here to connect with you so you can design your dreams and take steps toward a life of no regrets. Do you have a goal or dream that you've been thinking about doing but haven't taken any action? Do you tell yourself you should be doing more? Are you afraid of telling others your dreams because you fear their judgement? Have you done everything expected of you but still feel unfulfilled? Do you have trouble expressing your feelings, wants and desires at work and in life? Have you felt guilt or shame around your goals when it doesn't align with the cultural norm? At times, do you have imposture syndrome? Do any of these resonate with you? If your answer is yes, first of all, you aren't alone. If you're interested in exploring how you can achieve your goals and dreams, book a free introductory call with me. ✨ What IS Coaching? Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership. We will work together on best ways to achieve your goal. What Coaching IS NOT? Coaching is not mental health therapy. Coaching is not mentorship. Coaching is not consulting. If this fits what you're looking for, go ahead and book that free discovery call below! ✨

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"I started seeing Chantal because I was feeling lost trying to navigate life during a major career transition. I was trying to build momentum as I made the shift and really needed a partner to help me think everything through. Chantal always listened without holding any judgment over my struggles. I always felt like she was on my team, co-creating my dream job with me. I always leave our sessions with confidence and clarity, which is super helpful as I build this new dream. Chantal is really good at asking questions that get me thinking differently about the challenges and opportunities I am facing. "

Jessica L.

I felt heard and understood. Chantal has a very sincere approach to her coaching. She listens deeply and reflects back what she hears. She helped me explore my thoughts and address them in a positive way.

Jaci S.

Chanie has a great sense of humor and some of the phrases she used to help me understand where I was, where I am now, and where I want to go, will stay with me forever. Chanie has a truly warm and trusting presence - I felt like I had a new friend. She collaborated with me, helping me look at some large fears and some even larger desires while not feeling so alone. I am confident she will do the same for you. Thank you Chanie, for positively changing my outlook on life!

Sierra G.

At the beginning of my journey, I had an idea and many reasons not to pursue it. Many years, many ideas, too many reasons and fears not to do it. Working with Chantal, transformed my way do thinking and in turn allowed me to transcend what I thought I was capable of. She kept it simple - one step, one goal at a time. We had a different type of coaching, in our sessions. I didn’t need professional or personal coaching. I needed action coaching (totally made up this phrase!). She guided and challenged me to acknowledge my fears but step over them. Each session I progressed in my business plan, doing it the way that worked for me and not the way anyone else would. What started as an idea blew up into manifesting it into reality. She reminded me that even one small step is a step and look at me now. I am the Head Mama (founder) of Walang Sayang Eco LLC. Each step I take towards my ideas, I hear her voice and support. No matter what you’re looking to accomplish in your life, she’s going to help you get there. Keep your mind open and honest and she’ll be your cheerleader, your drill sergeant, your mirror, or your mentor. I would not be here I am with her words of encouragement and support during my early planning phases. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Stephanie M.

With our overlapping backgrounds as fellow Pacific Islander-Asian American women navigating life, Chantal has been such an invaluable, rare gem of a coach to turn to when navigating tricky waters in life, especially when it comes to working with family and intergenerational dynamics. Not only does she ask the right questions to help me unpack what is already inside me, but she also helps reflect back to me what I cannot articulate but am experiencing all the same, thereby allowing me to be comfortable and confident in different and better ways of being. With Chanie, I'm challenged to be better and strive towards my goals with the best kind of encouragement and support! Thank you, Chanie, for your heart and compassion in my journey of letting go of my limiting thoughts and establishing great relationships with others. Her coaching has been an absolute must-have in this stage of my life!

Cheryl L.

Just completed my coaching sessions with Chantal and I highly recommend it! Not only did she build a positive rapport with me, but we built a foundation of trust that was collaborative, honest, and inspiring. In the beginning, I was apprehensive to share anything from the fear of being judged on my dreams, goals, doubts, and fears. Since we share the same Filipina background, she was able to relate to the cultural norms and expectations I struggled with and provided me with comfort and empathy. Chantal reassured me that our sessions are a safe space without judgments. As our sessions continued, she guided me towards what felt like self-revelations about my doubts and fears and we collaborated on strategies to tackle them. Our sessions allowed me to open up about my aspirations and discuss plans in order to achieve them. By the last session, I can confidently say that I have a set plan that I feel is achievable with strategies to aid and anticipate stress or roadblocks. Being heard and being authentically myself has always been a struggle, but every session with Chantal has given me a newfound perspective and a step forward on how I can better my situation and myself. Thank you for believing in me, ingat po kayo!

Angela L.

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