Alexis Burnett - Alignment Coach + Human Design Specialist

Alexis Burnett

Alignment Coach + Human Design Specialist

🌟 Empowerment through Alignment 🌟 ✨ Personal alignment coaching with a fusion of risk management and Human Design ✨ Reclaim your power, trust yourself, and embrace vulnerability with love and strength

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"The information that I've received from Alexis about my human design has been invaluable to my journey both as an entrepreneur and as a human. One piece of feedback that I hear often from clients and people in my personal life is that I seem to know myself well and that I do things unconventionally but they just work for me. I can attribute this to Alexis's support in designing a life around my human design. Her wisdom has helped me better understand the ebbs and flows of my energy which has helped me build my lifestyle around my natural rhythms. She makes the "HD speak" easy to understand and gives you practical ways to apply it. Please do not hesitate to book a session with her. I continue to reap the benefits of her skillset and willingness to share it."

Kara P

I was blessed to experience a reading with Alexis. She was incredibly knowledgeable and so full of information. Her passion for human design shines through! She created a warm and inviting environment for me to learn about the different aspects of human design. I left our session wanting to learn more.

Betsy R

I have had the pleasure of working with Alexis as my human design guide, and I was impressed by her professionalism, kindness, and vast knowledge on the subject. She has a genuine interest in helping her clients understand themselves and their unique needs, gifts, and tendencies, and has a way of communicating complex ideas in a clear and relatable way. Alexis is truly a gem, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in understanding their design.

Nina P

I loved Alexis’ genuine and sweet aura. I understood Human Design better after our session and how to make better use of my energy. I would definitely recommend Alexis and her services! She is so sweet and puts so much effort into her work. She explained my Human Design so well to me and gave me some new insights and perspectives. I absolutely love the PDF she made for me!

Tina L

Alexis brought to light so many gifts that I hadn't known existed. Her insights really highlighted for me opportunities to reframe what I thought were weaknesses in me which were so incredibly validating and inspiring. I had been in the shadows of my gates and centers for so long that I don't think I could see how they were gifts. She showed me a glimpse of my highest self in a way no one has ever. I am eternally grateful for that profound reframe and I suspect I will feel the ripples of our convo for many years to come. Thank you, my love, I so appreciate your amazingly unique perspective and your taking the time to share it with me.

Nicole H

My session with Alexis gave me a better understanding of myself. I learned that I consciously must pause in-between and not go go go all the time. I loved working with her, specifically her calm and friendly energy.

Janitha B

Alexis is an absolute gem! She taught me a great deal about myself and was an amazing mentor and coach. Alexis is amazing at truly understanding what a person truly needs and how to aid that person in getting there.

Beverly A

When it was time for my call with Alexis, I was emotionally devastated. I was completely overwhelmed (scared, crying, shaking). I thought of canceling, and luckily, I didn’t. The second Alexis greeted me asking about my day, I burst into tears. Alexis embraced me from that first second and she held space and energy for me throughout the entire call. Alexis gently supported me where I needed to go. She showed me that there is actually room for me to be me in my own life. Decades of me trying to turn myself into what others expected of me are over. I recommend Alexis with all my heart. She is a true gem.

Lisa R

Wow! Alexis is a natural and gifted Human Design reader. Her ability to decode complex layers of my chart was not only eye-opening but humbling. Having my chart read by Alexis was a game-changer and helped me feel more aligned and oriented in my life's path. Alexis has a calm and affable demeanor which helped me open up and receive her translation of my chart. I highly recommend getting a Human Design reading done by her. You will not regret it!

Sarajean Z

My reading with Alexis got me much closer to understanding my purpose! She’s super friendly, gives very clear information, and is so caring! The session was fun and non-judgmental. I would recommend Alexis to anyone interested in finding out about HD and applying it to themselves. And her puppy is adorable!

Katie F

When you work with Alexis, you will walk away feeling clearer about your path and how to experiment with your Human Design! I really enjoyed how prepared Alexis was. She shared so much wisdom about the different centers and gates. It was very enlightening. I would definitely recommend her to someone who is new to Human Design and is really looking to get clarity on what it means to live aligned with their energy type and authority.

Ayanna C

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