Aldreama Harper - Productivity Strategist | Declutter Coach

Aldreama Harper

Productivity Strategist | Declutter Coach

Hi I’m Aldreama Harper, I’m a Certified Organizational Specialist, Decluttering Coach and creator of the Declutter With Dream Challenge. I help Female Entrepreneurs fulfill their DREAM of clarity, hope, peace & sustainability in life and business. I describe myself as an Organized Packrat, although I’m organized, the importance of decluttering became very apparent to me when I became so overwhelmed by my own clutter. That’s when I vowed I would never want to feel like that again. I’ve since been able to create a sense of peace and order in my life by eliminating clutter, as well as others through Decluttering sessions and monthly events. We find efficiencies through systems, automation, and organization, so you focus on executing your company’s plan, according to your established business model. Whether you're a coach, consultant, or service-based entrepreneur, we help womenpreneurs to get organized by providing strategies related to sexy sassy systems, time mgmt, and productivity, so you see higher levels of productivity, capacity, and growth. Our Methodology is based on Biblical principles, (Eph. 5:15-16) and we focus on you maximizing your time, energy, and resources so that you operate at optimal capacity, and reach your full potential allowing for personal growth and business expansion. The bottom line is...not having a systemized for your business will ultimately result in you chasing clients and NOT having a real business. It's that simple!

""Aldreama helped me to hash out the systems in my business. How to work with customers from beginning all the way through to completion. That helped me not lose anybody in the process." "

LuSundra E.

"The Productivity & Focus sessions with Aldreama have been a life saver and time saver. It has helped me to focus on my tasks and complete them. I appreciate the support, the nuggets, the best practices shared, and the positivity. Aldreama has helped me get my time back! I look forward to Power Mondays. Thanks Aldreama!"

Ingrid L.

"I just got off the phone on a strategy session with Aldreama. It was fantastic and eye opening. Aldreama gave me so many easy to implement ideas that I can do right away in my business. She is very thorough and full of ideas. I highly recommend you have a strategy call with Aldreama ASAP! You will thank yourself for making such a wise choice.

Deborah N.

"Aldreama is a LIFE SAVER! She came in when I felt like I was drowning during a new program launch and help me with client care and logistics. I love working with her because she got as excited about my business as I was and never said she couldn't do something. She just rolled up her sleeves and figured it out. I definitely look forward to working with her again in the future."

TaVonna B.

"I enjoyed my session with you because it reminded me of what my priorities need to be. Sometimes we get so lost in working in our business we forget to make time for other things. One of the most memorable things that you shared is, if you have not prioritized your day then you have made an agreement with distraction. That changed my life!"

Shae D.

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