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Terry Ann Fernando

Bird Dog Coaching

Hi, I'm Terry Ann, and I have a ten year old Hungarian vizsla named Zara. When we first got Zara as a puppy, my husband and I had no intention of training her for hunting. When Zara was two years old, I entered her in a Junior Hunter test at her breeder’s encouragement. With little training, she did exceptionally well and I found myself amazed watching her natural ability. Soon after, I decided that I wanted to train her to a more advanced level and that began a long journey that has taken me places I never imagined. She’s now an AKC Master Hunter, a NAVHDA Versatile Champion, and has multiple AKC field trial placements and wins. When I was first trying to train her to an advanced level, I struggled to find a place to train and identify good resources. I can help you avoid a lot of that frustration and assist you in taking a straighter path forward with your dog. I offer one-on-one virtual coaching sessions for pointing breed dog owners to help you succeed in hunt tests and field trials. My goal is to provide information and resources and guide you through the training process.

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